Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranty

The Helix®/HX Service Plus Warranty Program provides the best way to protect your Helix/HX guitar processor investment. In addition to extending your Helix/HX product’s factory warranty for up to three years beyond its expiration, Helix/HX Service Plus plans include free UPS Ground shipping within the U.S. to and from Line 6—and Level 2 coverage also includes Expedited Turnaround Time and Helix/HX Service Plus Advanced Replacement (also available separately).

NOTE: Level 1 and Level 2 Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranties must be purchased before the expiration of either your original factory warranty, extended factory warranty, or previously purchased Service Plus Extended Warranties. Used purchases require a copy of the receipt from original sale. B-STOCK/BLEM/SCRATCH AND DENT purchases do not qualify. Terms and conditions apply to any warranty transaction. You can find them here

Helix/HX Warranty Information
Factory Warranty Extended Warranty Extension 1 Extension 2 Extension 3
One year Get a free 2nd year if you register your Helix/HX Add a 3rd year Add a 4th year Add a 5th year

Service Plus Extended Warranties


Helix/HX Service Plus Advanced Replacement


Customers can register their product(s) from their Line 6 account. Helix/HX hardware purchased in the U.S. and registered within one year to a U.S.-domiciled account is eligible for the extended warranty as long as the registrant has a copy of the original purchase receipt.
A list of support manuals can be found at http://line6.com/support.