Eric Broadbent
Pasadena Complete HX Effects Package

UPC: 91-017-0003-02

4 premium presets with near exact effects settings of Van Halen's pedals over the years. To be used in 4CM.
Works with:
HX Effects

Price: $14.99
This deluxe package contains 4 presets borrowing key elements from our Helix & HX Stomp versions, including pedals duplicating Eddie’s exact settings for Phase 90, Flanger, Delays, Octave and much more. This preset package is intended to be used with your HX Effects unit in 4CM (4 cable method) only. A 4th Preset (Pasadena OD) is included if you only have a one channel amplifier and wish to leave it on clean, allowing the preset to do all the dirty work for you. Again, this will have to be run in 4CM. Enjoy this preset package with all the pedals you need, with near exact settings to sound just like the man himself!
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