10k Pot

UPC: 97-001-0002

Replacement pot used on most Line 6 products. See details for compatibility.

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This pot is used on the following products: AxSys 212 AX2 POD POD Pro Bass POD Bass POD Pro POD 2.0 all POD XT products POD X3 POD HD POD HD Pro Vetta I & II Duoverb Flextone I II and III and HD147. THIS POT IS NOT TO BE USED TO REPLACE 'MASTER VOLUME' OR 'OUTPUT' POTS on the follow products POD POD 2 POD XT POD XT Pro all Bass POD products all Spider series amps and all Spider Valve series amps. Line 6 recommends these parts be installed by an authorized Line 6 service center. Line 6 assumes no responsibility for any damages done to your amp while installing this part. All sales are final no refunds or exchanges. 01-48-0103
A list of support manuals can be found at http://line6.com/support.