StageSource L3m Loudspeaker System

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Line 6 StageSource L3m PA System
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Price: $899.99
Line 6 StageSource L3m PA System
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(1) StageSource L3m PA System
StageSource L3m PA System Features:
  • Dual 10" direct radiator design with 1" Exit HF compression driver
  • 132dB max SPL
  • 100 degree horizontal x 50 degree vertical coverage
  • 12-band feedback suppression and output limiter
  • Onboard accelerometer and pole-mount sensors for sound optimization in horizontal, vertical or polemount applications
  • M10 suspension points
  • Dual-braced, tour-grade plywood construction
  • Retractable handle
  • Direct Thru and Mix outputs

StageSource loudspeaker systems combine multi-function design, powerful DSP and precision components to deliver the perfect blend of high-powered performance and true scalability. Designed to expand the capabilities of any StageSource L3t-based or third-party PA system, the StageSource L3m loudspeaker features a balanced XLR/TRS combo jack input, stereo auxiliary inputs and L6 LINK connection for fast integration. StageSource L3m also delivers the same Smart Speaker modes and multi-band feedback suppression as the StageSource L3t loudspeaker system, making it easy to always sound your best. StageSource is designed to be the world's most versatile loudspeaker system for musicians. Using six powerful DSP-based Smart Speaker modes, the StageSource L3m output is optimized for a variety of performance scenarios including front-ofhouse PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard backline, acoustic guitar backline or with a multi-effects guitar processor as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. In live sound situations where two or more speakers are needed, StageSource products use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK to simplify setup. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. Add StageSource L3s subwoofers to the mix and the system automatically sends them the summed signals and sets the crossovers. Multi-function design provides true scalability whether you're using a single L3t as a standalone PA or multiple L3t and L3m speakers as main PA, monitors and backline. Together with StageSource L3s subwoofers, a variety of configurations are available to meet your live sound or installation needs.

Powerful 1,400-watt, 3-way design

The 1,400-watt, 3-way, tri-amped speaker system and a dual-braced tour-grade plywood enclosure combine to deliver astounding power and reliability.

Smart Speaker modes

Using six powerful DSP-based Smart Speaker modes, StageSource L3m optimizes its output for a wide variety of performance scenarios making it the world's most versatile loudspeaker system for musicians.

Orientation and pole-mount sensors

StageSource L3m uses an internal accelerometer, optical sensors and DSP to help make set up go faster and to optimize the sound of your system. Based on the information the system detects, it selects the right Smart Speaker mode for the application, and automatically adjusts its performance

Integrated feedback suppression and limiting

Because feedback and unwanted distortion can ruin a performance, StageSource L3m uses intelligent 12-band feedback suppression and limiting to identify the problem frequencies and adjust levels without affecting the overall sound.

Fast networking via L6 LINK

For bands, live sound events or houses of worship, setting up a multispeaker PA just got much easier. L6 LINK delivers auto-configuration simplifying multi-speaker setups.

Multi-function design and scalability

Multi-function design enables you to deploy system components to scale to the needs of your live sound applications from backline to monitors to large-format PA.

Line 6 StageSource L3m PA System
3 Years
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