Firehawk 1500

Featuring award-winning tone, advanced editing control, and unmatched volume flexibility on stage, Firehawk™ 1500 is a 1500W/132dB SPL 6-speaker stage amp for guitarists who want to perform with great tone, at any volume. Get true stereo sound—wet/dry/wet—and perfect tone replication from the 6-speaker amplification system. Dial in amazing tone with the largest collection of HD/XT amps, cabs, and effects in the Line 6 family. Quickly manage your patches and presets with a streamlined and modern graphic editing workflow using the Firehawk Remote app. Plus, a wide range of I/O makes it easy to perform with acoustic guitars, traditional pedal boards, multi-effects and more.
Price: $999.99
Your Price: $799.99

The Ultimate Amp for Performing Guitarists
If you play live, Firehawk 1500 gives you incredible flexibility to sound great on any stage. 1500 watts of power delivers enough volume to be heard at a gig over the loudest drummer and enough control to use your highest gain sounds in a low key coffee house. Perform with acoustic and electric guitars—Firehawk 1500 excels as an acoustic amp. Plus, you’ll have all the connections you need thanks to a full collection of ins and outs—use it as a stage monitor, ISO cab, or as a full-range amplification system for your multi-effect or pedal board.

A Massive Collection of HD Amps, Cabs, and Effects
Firehawk 1500 comes loaded with a huge collection of HD amps, effects and cabs—the largest in the Line 6 family. Choose from over 200 premium guitar amp models and effects—including 50 HD models, classic POD® and XT models, and more. Create custom signal chains and unique presets using loads of built in DSP. And with 128 onboard presets and unlimited sounds in the cloud, you’ll never be short on amazing tone options.

6-Speaker Amplification System
With Firehawk 1500, you’ll hear your tone accurately and in true stereo at any volume thanks to a full-range, flat-response 6-speaker amplification system. Firehawk can use separate speakers for dry amp and effects—wet/dry/wet—so your modeled tones will come through in pristine clarity. The speakers also provide a wide coverage angle that blows away typical combo amps, ensuring everyone in the club will hear the same tones you worked so hard to craft. And you even can stream your favorite songs at high volume via Bluetooth®.


Craft Your Tones with Firehawk Remote
Featuring a fast and intuitive graphic user interface, the Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android app gives you the power to unlock unlimited tonal possibilities right from your smartphone or tablet. Control and tweak every detail of your signal chain, effects parameters, and more. Access thousands of tones in the Line 6 cloud and get the perfect sound for any performance. Load up a song from your music library and automatically receive matching tone selections via the cloud. When you want quick access to individual parameters on stage, use the Live Edit mode to control your tones without using the app.

Tough Enough for the Road
When it’s time to perform, you want to put plug in your guitar, turn on your amp, and know that everything will work great and sound amazing—each and every time you hit the stage. Featuring a solid wood enclosure tough enough for the road, Firehawk 1500 is built to withstand the wear and tear of regular gigging. Unlike fragile tube amps, Firehawk can take the bumps, rattles, and jolts that come with being on the road.


  • 1500W 6-speaker system accurately replicates tones at any volume
  • Access a world-class collection of HD and XT amps, cabs, and effects
  • Combo amp with flexible I/O to compliment pedals and effects
  • Get true stereo—wet/dry/wet—separate speakers for dry amp & effects
  • Easily sculpt your tone with Firehawk Remote for iOS or Android
  • Get great tone on stage with both electric and acoustic guitars



  • 1/4” guitar input
  • 1/4” headphone output
  • 1/4” stereo FX send and return with stomp/line level switch
  • Two XLR combi-monitor input (gain knob)
  • USB connector
  • MIDI I/O
  • Aux input
  • Stereo XLR main out w/ ground lift
  • Variax® connector 
  • FBV 3 support


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